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WATERFORCE Pressure Cleaning | House Washing & Roof Cleaning
Get it right – First Time, EVERY Time • Call Neil 0403 531 015


House Washing Expertise

Waterforce house washing professionals is a team of dedicated exterior cleaning experts, whose skills and knowledge are well above the rest. You can rely on Waterforce to deliver amazing cleaning results, first time, every time.


Best Practice Housewashing Technology

Armed with the latest in both low and high pressure cleaning technology, our expert team can provide consistently stunning results to every customer.

With increased low and high pressure and greater water efficiency, we can effectively remove years of excess grime and dirt without wasting water, spreading harmful chemicals or causing damage to your home.

Improve Your Home

Maintaining the value of your home is one of the best reasons to have your house expertly washed. Our  services allow you to effectively and affordably improve your home with minimal fuss.

One quality pressure clean from us is all it takes to wipe away years of wind, rain and dirt to reveal your  remarkable home underneath.

Amaze your friends, impress the neighbours and boost the value of your property with our simple and effective house washing service.

Exterior House Washing Gold Coast

If you're like most homeowners, you have busy family, work and social schedules. You rarely have the time to do much more than the weekly house chores, let alone a thorough cleaning of your house.


While it is quite easy to perform a yearly light exterior house washing routine on your own, embarking on full-blown deep cleaning is probably out of your reach.

A thorough cleaning covers the entire house, roof and driveway. A professional clean reaches those hidden areas that have accumulated years of dirt, grime and possibly mildew. It's a time consuming and laborious task, one which most people would rather avoid.

So, what do you do when your home is in dire need of a thorough spruce up? The best solution is to hire Waterforce to do the work for you.

Call Neil at Waterforce 0403 531 015. Get the job done right, first time, every time.


Roof Cleaning

AT WATERFORCE we pride ourselves at being able to clean almost anything and cleaning roofs is no exception. Using specialist high pressure cleaning tools, we are able to quickly and effectively clean roof areas that are often considered "too hard".

Roof Cleaning Before-After-06Our roof cleaning process involves the use of eco-friendly cold water and high pressure cleaning equipment. These two items when coupled together ensure the best possible roof cleaning results every time. This ensures that heavy deposits of mould, leaf and tree sap, and other unsightly stains can be readily removed.

A mould inhibitor can be applied at your request.

The high pressure cleaning equipment is used to quickly and effectively lift the dirt and stains, leaving a clean, fresh surface. Stubborn items such as lichen can also be effectively removed using this process.

Whatever roof type you need cleaned, Waterforce are your local roof cleaning experts.

Don't waste time with amateurs - call Neil 0403 531 015 TODAY for an honest, reliable quote and money-back guarantee

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