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WATERFORCE Pressure Cleaning | Pool Area & Paver Sealing
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Paver Sealing

APPLYING A SEALER to your pavers, concrete, liquid limestone, blue stone or exposed aggregate is a great idea, and if a paver sealing is applied correctly it will protect the look of your investment for years to come.

Paver Sealing Experts

There are many different sealers on the market, but here at Waterforce we only use what we believe to be the best quality products for the job.

Before applying any sealer, we will professionally high pressure clean the entire area using our “Washeroo” paver cleaning machine, to remove any dirt, grime and residue. We will then return (as the surface needs to be completely dry) to apply the sealer to the cleaned area.

Our sealer of choice will be selected from our range of tried and tested products, backed by years of research, and will generally be a solvent based acrylic product, as solvent, by its nature is extremely sturdy and is hard wearing, and produces the best, longest lasting barrier to any stain that may occur.

We have a number or sealers that we will recommend, depending on your requirements. We have sealers that will create a “wet look”, or sealers that can be tinted to a vast array of colours, or we have sealers that are almost invisible. Whatever you need, Waterforce have the sealer to suit.

So whether it’s your driveway, patio area, alfresco area, pool area, or just the pathway that need to be sealed, Waterforce have the knowledge, expertise and high quality sealers to seal it properly and protect it from potential stain damage well into the future.

Pool Area Sealing

SEALING THE PAVING or concrete around a pool can create a potential nightmare, particularly if the wrong type pool area non-slip sealer is applied. A specific type of sealer must be used or the risk of inadvertently creating a nasty slip hazard is huge.

Applying a sealer creates a physical barrier between the substrate and the outside world. It is this barrier or membrane that prevents a substance from penetrating and thus causing a stain.

However, this membrane also prevents water from penetrating too. Water from splashing in the pool and dripping from wet feet can “pool” on the surface of the paving. This can create a lethal slip hazard and promote bacteria growth which results in algae, mould and mildew.

Waterforce have a specially designed sealer for exactly this scenario.

Once applied, our sealer is almost invisible, and sits in the top layer of the substrate, not on it, therefore allowing the aggregate of the substrate to show through and allow an amount of slip resistance, while still creating a barrier to a stain.

This sealer has been carefully designed using the very latest in sealer technology, and as a result is absorbed in a different manner than most conventional sealers, and is now almost exclusively used by Waterforce technicians in such locations.

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