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WATERFORCE Pressure Cleaning | Patio & Pool Area Cleaning
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Patio Cleaning

GOT A FUNCTION coming up, or have you just noticed how dirty your patio paving is looking, or does your patio just need a spring clean? Whatever the reason, trust Waterforce to give you a first class result every time.

high pressure patio cleaning

Our technicians, using our high pressure cleaning equipment, and our “Washeroo” paver cleaning machine, will use eco-friendly cold water and quality detergents to expertly clean your paving to restore the look to its former glory. Using the “Washeroo” ensures no splatter on your windows and doors (we don’t simply blast your paving – we clean it properly!

Your patio area is a key area in your house. It’s your outdoor entertaining area, your inside outside, and needs the same level of cleaning care as the other important rooms in your home. Your patio area is prone to the worst stains too, red wine spills, BBQ fats, soft drink spills, just to name a few.

However, help is at hand! Waterforce’s high pressure cleaning technicians, can expertly pressure clean your patio area to help remove those nasty stains.

Pool Area Cleaning

JUST BECAUSE it’s near water, it doesn’t mean that your pool surrounds don’t need cleaning! Dirt, moss and mould will continue to build up over time, whatever the surface is made from.

Whether is brick paving or liquid limestone, bluestone or exposed aggregate, it will still need cleaning from time to time. Even pool areas that are shaded by trees and palms can have stain build up – generally from leaf or seed residue.

Waterforce have the answer to all of the above issues.

Using our high pressure cleaning technology, and our “Washeroo” paver cleaning machine we will expertly clean the surfaces surrounding your pool, leaving them clean and fresh. Using the “Washeroo” machine limits the amount of splash or splatter, and gives a concentrated cleaning finish to all surfaces . . . no lines in the paving and no splatter on the walls, just clean looking pavers, with no fuss.

Don’t waste time with amateurs – call Neil 0403 531 015 TODAY for an honest, reliable quote and money-back guarantee

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