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WATERFORCE Pressure Cleaning | Brick & Driveway Cleaning
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Brick Cleaning

BRICK CLEANING, sometimes known as acid washing, is another of Waterforce’s speciality high pressure cleaning services.

high-pressure-cleaningBrick cleaning is the term often used in the building industry to describe removing splashes of mortar and leftover cement from the bricks after the brick laying process is done. It is mostly one of the last processes carried out on a building site prior to completion.

The process involves the application of an acid mixture to the entire brick surface to soften the mortar sufficiently, this is then agitated with a scrubbing brush before the area is thoroughly cleaned using fresh water sprayed at high pressure. The acid, agitation and high pressure water gives the best results every time, and Waterforce’s team of skilled operators know exactly what is required to get the best results from all brick types . . . even the hardest to clean compounds.

Other types of brick cleaning can include the removal of white stains on bricks (efflorescence), or the green tinge on cream bricks (vanadium staining).

Both of these stains can be easily identified by our Waterforce specialist brick cleaners, and can be quickly remedied with the application of specific chemicals and then high pressure cleaning. to remove any remaining residue.

Whatever your brick cleaning requirements, Waterforce have the answer.

Call today and let Waterforce take care of your Brick Cleaning needs!

Driveway Cleaning

Driveway Cleaning is yet another of Waterforce’s speciality services. We believe that the use of eco-friendly water, combined with our dedicated paving cleaning machine and the use of quality, environmentally friendly detergents produce the finest results every time.


Every Waterforce operator is highly skilled at identifying the different requirements of each driveway surface, regardless whether it is a brick paved driveway, concrete, liquid limestone, exposed aggregate or stamped concrete surface. Whatever the type of surface, Waterforce have the knowledge and capabilities to professionally high pressure clean your driveway to give it the cleanest look possible.

The specialist driveway cleaning process involves the application of a quality detergent to the entire surface of the driveway, which will break down any grease, oils fats and other nasties which may lurk on the driveway.

The driveway cleaning process then utilises our “washeroo” paver cleaning machine that forces water on the back of the vehicle deep into the driveway surface.

The water coupled with high pressure and the detergent effectively removes most deposits from the driveway surface, leaving the driveway crisp and clean. Waterforce can then apply a solvent based sealer to the driveway if requested which will protect the look of the driveway for years to come.

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