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WATERFORCE Pressure Cleaning | Surface Sealing Services
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Surface Sealing Services

THERE ARE many different sealers available on the market, however not all sealers are the same. There are water based sealers, solvent based ones, some are penetrating, some are not.

It can be extremely costly if you apply the wrong sealer, or apply it incorrectly.

  • Concrete Sealing
  • Driveway Sealing
  • Paver Sealing
  • Pool Area Sealing

Correct preparation of the surface is essential, prior to applying ANY sealer! Let Waterforce take the headache away.

We have a tried and tested range of quality sealers ,and our operators will explain what sealer should be used on your pavers or concrete and why, and will also show you samples of what the finished product will look like.

Concrete Sealers Acrylic

Concrete sealers are a fast and cost effective way to add a professional and long-lasting finish to your concrete project. Choose from a range of sealers that protect against mould, petrol, and oil.

Use our professional sealers to enhance colours, add a high gloss, and to incorporate quick-dry sealers for those same day jobs. And with such a wide variety of options available for internal and external work, you’re bound to find the right concrete sealant for your latest project.

Choosing the right sealer

Deciding on the correct sealer for your project can be tricky with so many great options.

  • Do you want to keep the natural look of your surface, or add a tint?
  • Do you need your sealer to dry on the same day?
  • What surface do you have?
  • Granite?
  • Standard concrete?
  • Sandstone?

Whatever you need to achieve, trust Waterforce to help.

Choose from a range of sealers that are suitable for every type of surface.

Our Premium Same-day Sealer is great for jobs where you need to seal the same day as you pour the concrete, both inside and outside. Common applications are stamped concrete, stenciled concrete and through colour concrete.In particular, if you use through colour concrete, you need to apply it the same day to ensure an even colour. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait 14 to 28 days to apply the sealer.

Need a thicker and more even seal? Then use our High Build Sealer, which can also be used as a top coat sealer for exposed aggregate.

For areas where you can’t use solvent based products, particularly where smell is a problem, use the Easy Seal Water Based Sealer, which is simple to apply and fast drying.

Our High Gloss Sealer is perfect for sealing spray-on concrete coatings, in particular the Waterforce Resurfacing System.

Looking for protection against both petrol and oil, in particular commercial areas? Let us apply a durable and hard protective coating – ideal for driveways. If you have an driveway that’s already sealed with an acrylic base sealer, the best choice will be our Reviver Sealer, which helps promote adhesion between acrylic sealers.

Penetrating Sealers

Penetrating sealers are essential to protect the finish in architecturally designed concrete (through colour concrete), sandstone or concrete pavers, and many other high-end jobs.

If you’ve laid the perfect patio or stunning slab driveway, you don’t want to lose the natural look you’ve worked so hard to create. Use our Penetrating Sealer for a quick, easy and cost-effective solution.

Our Penetrating Sealers are non-film forming, so they don’t change the look, texture, and natural finish you’ve created, but still ensure a professional seal you can trust. And the best part? You can use our sealers on many substrates, from concrete to sandstone and more.

Sealer solutions for every substrate

Our Penetrating Sealers come in various strengths and types, perfect for sealing any surface and to provide a protective barrier against moisture. Whether you need standard, strong water, oil repellent, or all three, then we have the solution for you.

Choose our Waterforce alcohol-based solution for a general purpose water repellent that professionally primes mineral or high alkaline substrates. It offers a great depth of penetration into the substrate, a high resistance to alkaline, and is even effective on consistently damp surfaces.

Our water-based solution works great as a comprehensive water-repellent sealer for more-absorbent materials, such as bricks, natural sandstone, and mineral plaster. It is ideal for storage, and it has been developed to be tack-free while drying so that is can be used as an adhesive for paints.

If you need a stronger solution we have a sealer which provides a protective barrier against water and oil, which makes it an ideal answer for grout or tile surfaces. Enjoy dual durable protection on your surfaces, while protecting against powerful UV rays and still maintaining the natural appearance of your surface. Our penetrating sealers are a vital addition to your project.

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