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WATERFORCE Pressure Cleaning | Concrete & Driveway Sealing
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Driveway Sealing

SEALING-02Before-AfterYOUR DRIVEAWAY is a valuable feature to your home, and can create both positive and negative “street appeal”. A badly stained driveway surface can damage the appearance of your home and also create a slip hazard if oily.

Waterforce are the experts at sealing driveways. We will firstly high pressure clean your driveway, using our “Washeroo” paver cleaning machine, along with eco-friendly cold water and a good quality biodegradable detergent to make sure the surface is completely clean.

We will then return and apply our proven solvent based sealer to the entire surface. As it dries, the sealer forms a clear acrylic membrane which acts as a physical barrier to a stain.

This means that any spills or stains that happen in the future can be easily removed and your paving or concrete will not be tarnished forever. Don’t risk using poor quality sealers on such an important asset.

Concrete Sealing

AFTER YOUR concrete has had our professional high pressure cleaning treatment, we can apply a concrete coating of a colour of your choice (from clear all the way through to black, the choice is endless!) to give your driveway or garage floor a complete new look.

The application of a sealer can protect or enhance the look of your pavers for many years, and will prevent potential stains such as grease, oil, BBQ fats, and red wine from becoming an unsightly problem.

Waterforce can even apply a coloured sealer which will rejuvenate old pavers and may allow you to renovate your pavers rather than have to replace them!

Let the professionals look after it for you when it comes to quality high pressure cleaning . . .
Quality clean + quality seal = quality finish.

Don’t waste time with amateurs – call Neil 0403 531 015 TODAY for an honest, reliable quote and money-back guarantee

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