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WATERFORCE Pressure Cleaning | High Pressure Cleaning Services
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High Pressure Cleaning

WATERFORCE ONLY use eco-friendly cold water and detergent in our high pressure water cleaning process! Would you clean the dishes without detergent? Absolutely not! The same principle applies to our high pressure washing!

Water is pumped with detergent from the back of the Waterforce vehicles and is the ONLY way to optimise cleaning results, particularly when oil stain removal and grease spots are involved.

Waterforce uses dedicated high pressure cleaning machinery. We DO NOT simply blast your paving or concrete and cause splatter all over your windows!

Waterforce use the latest brick paver cleaning and concrete cleaning machine, which transfers the eco-friendly cold water down into your paving or concrete via a spinning water delivery device, located beneath the machine. This creates very little splash up and ensures the eco-friendly cold water and high pressure cleaning is concentrated where its supposed to be – on your brick, pavers or concrete.

Every Waterforce operator is highly trained and has a vast amount of experience in our high pressure cleaning and paver sealing techniques, and understands exactly what needs to be done in each scenario to ensure your total satisfaction every time. Each Waterforce operator has the skills and technical knowledge to offer expert advice on paver sealing and concrete sealing should the need arise

Concrete Cleaning

AT WATERFORCE we pride ourselves at being able to clean almost anything and cleaning concrete is no exception! Whether it’s a vertical concrete panel or concrete floor, Waterforce can clean it Waterforce specialist concrete cleaners all utilise the same strategies when cleaning concrete.

Firstly a biodegradable environmentally friendly detergent is sprayed like foam over the entire concrete area. This is then allowed to sit for a few minutes to ensure all grease and dirt is properly broken down, then the whole surface is professionally cleaned using our high pressure cleaning equipment and eco-friendly cold water.

The use of eco-friendly cold water in the cleaning process ensures all traces of grease and oily deposits (particularly on tilt-panel walls) are completely removed.

The finish product is a clean, dirt free area that can now be painted or sealed to your requirements.

At Waterforce we really believe we are the concrete cleaning specialists. Call now for an obligation free quote.

Don’t waste time with amateurs – call Neil 0403 531 015 TODAY for an honest, reliable quote and money-back guarantee

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